2018 Fall Preschool Screening Schedule

2018 Fall Preschool Screening Schedule

For Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers (Birth to age 5)

Screenings are opened to children Birth to 5 years of age within the Livingston County Special Services Unit Co-op. Children who have been screened in the past and have no developmental concerns need not attend. Areas screened include: vision, hearing, speech & language, learning, motor & social-emotional.

Free developmental screenings offered by: Livingston County Special Services Unit, OSF St. James JWA Medical Center, & the Livingston County Health Department


Cornell #426, Graymont #425, & Flanagan #74: August 7, 2018; Phone 815/358-2216

(Screening will be held at the Cornell Grade School)

 Dwight #232: August 9, 2018; Phone 815/584-6249 or 815/584-6254

(Screening will be held at the Dwight Methodist Church)

Prairie Central #8: August 15, 2018; Phone 815/635-3555

(Screening will be held at the Forrest Methodist Church)

Tri-Point #6J: August 17, 2018; Phone 815/253-6299 Ext. 100

(Screening will be held at the Cullom Lutheran Church)

Woodland #5: August 20, 2018; Phone 815/672-2909 Ext.1300

(Screening will be held at Woodland School)

* If your school is not offering a fall screening and your child needs to be screened, please make an appointment at the screening closest to your school district. Screening files will be forwarded to the proper district.

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