Welcome to Livingston County Special Services Unit

Education is directed at all aspects of human development, emotional, social, and intellectual so that each student will become the best citizen of which she or he is capable, with a motivation for life-long learning. We, as a community, are committed to providing a nurturing and healthy environment in which all students can learn.

The Mission of the Livingston County Special Services Unit

  1. The educational needs of all students are identified and addressed by providing a broad range of high quality services.
  2. The knowledge and skills of educators, parents, students and the community are utilized and expanded as they collaborate efforts and ideas to design, implement, evaluate and maintain effective educational programs.
  3. Programs are developed that promote healthy and nurturing environments and address the emotional, social and intellectual needs of students.

The Goals of the Livingston County Special Services Unit

  1. All students are educated in their home school with appropriate supports to ensure success.
  2. Student assistance teams are implemented in every school through technical assistance and support by the LCSSU staff.
  3. An assessment system is implemented which provides appropriate data for planning, implementing, and evaluating effective intervention programs.
  4. A written plan, which is developed through a joint effort by the LCSSU staff and member school districts, provides educational opportunities and support for parents and students.
  5. Partnerships are created within the community to help students reach their educational goals.