Early Childhood Services – Early Childhood Special Outcomes Project

The Federal Government’s Office of Special Education Programs is now requiring all 50 states to participate in the Early Childhood Outcomes Project. Any child ages 3-5 years receiving special education services that was enrolled for those services after March 1, 2006 must have a Ratings Scale completed within 45 calendar days of their enrollment. They must also have an exit Rating Scale completed after they turn 5 years of age. Purple folders should include an Outcomes form. This form may be completed at the Eligibility Review or one of the team members may complete and send it in to Kim Cox with in 30 days of the child’s enrollment. This is required for those students receiving Speech Language services only. Outcomes must be done on student’s whether they come from the EI system or not.

Outcomes forms have been updated several times since the beginning of the project. Please use those in the purple folders or download off of the ISBE website

The linked Power Point presentation explains in detail this program. We encourage you to read this presentation and if you have questions, please call or email:

Tina Butterbrodt
Program Supervisor for Early Learning

Power Point Presentation

STARnet is the state agency assigned to train and provide technical assistance in this project.

STARnet: Northwest Region I and Central Region III
Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood
Western Illinois University, Horrabin Hall 32
Macomb, IL 61455
(800) 2227-7527 or (309) 298-1634
Fax: (309) 298-2305