Heart of Illinois Low Incidence Association (HILIA)


The Heart of Illinois Low Incidence Association (HILIA) was formed to promote, establish and maintain a continuum of comprehensive services for children with the low incidence disabilities of hearing impairment and visual impairment.  HILIA exists in collaboration between Bloomington School District #87, Livingston County Special Services Unit, Tri-County Special Education Association, McLean County Unit 5 School District and Illinois State University Laboratory Schools.  HILIA serves students with hearing and visual impairments in over thirty school districts within DeWitt, Livingston, Logan, and McLean counties.  The unique needs of these students are met through the continuum of services offered in the district’s programs or at the Laboratory Schools.

HILIA Programming in Home School Districts-

HILIA has facilitators that provide additional guidance/resources for educators working with students with the low incidence disabilities of hearing and vision.  Facilitators provide consultative services to district IEP teams and assist with areas including (but not limited to) problem solving, equipment troubleshooting, team meetings and IEP meetings.  HILIA facilitators provide expertise in the areas of assistive technology, deaf/hard of hearing, and vision.  In addition, HILIA can facilitate access to an educational audiologist and certified orientation mobility specialist.

HILIA Programming in the Laboratory Schools-

Thomas Metcalf School (PreK- 8th grade) and University High School make up the Laboratory Schools at Illinois State University.  Students (ages 3-21) with significant hearing and vision needs attend the Laboratory Schools where they are taught by our Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teachers and Teachers of the Visually Impaired.  Programming is available in both inclusive and self-contained settings.  Students enrolled in HILIA programs within the Laboratory Schools also have access to related services provided by an educational audiologist, interpreters, certified orientation mobility specialist, and speech-language pathologist.

A decision must be made by the district IEP team to determine whether educational services will be provided by the HILIA facilitators or at the ISU Laboratory Schools.

For inquiries about HILIA programs and services, please contact Lisa Kendall, HILIA Program Coordinator at lmkenda@ilstu.edu.


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