Livingston County Academy and Crossroads

Therapeutic Day Schools

Programs Designed to Build Positive Social and Emotional Skills

The Academy and Crossroads schools serve students in grades K – 12 from eleven member districts in Livingston County. Students are referred to us as a result of behavioral and emotional needs beyond what the home school can provide. Every student attending our school programs has an Individualized Education Plan. The Academy school program is designed for students in grades K – 5. The Crossroads school program is designed for students in grades 6 – 12. Within our school programs we are able to provide a combination of services that meets the needs of every student referred.

Therapeutic Environment

The services and supports that the Livingston County Academy and Crossroads offers include;

  • Small class sizes
  • A highly structured environment
  • Consistent expectations and routines
  • Group and individual counseling services
  • Individualized instruction
  • Multimodal delivery of instruction
  • Individualized adaptations and modifications to instruction/assessment
  • Regular and consistent positive feedback
  • Individualized behavior intervention plans
  • Social skills instruction
  • Emotion regulation training
  • Aggression replacement training
  • Problem-solving skills training
  • Role playing of positive life skills
  • Transitional and vocational services
  • Participation and involvement in community experiences
  • Integrated family services

These services along with a caring and nurturing staff provide an environment in which the students can learn and experience a positive school experience. The goal of the Academy and Crossroads is for every student to learn the skills and strategies they will need to facilitate integration back into their home school or out into the work world where they will be satisfied and productive members of the community.

Related Services

Related services such as counseling, transportation, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech & language therapy will be provided to each student as determined by the IEP team. A collaborative effort will be employed by the staff as these services will be offered individually, in small groups, in the classroom, or therapy room as appropriate. Co-implementation of goals by all staff will assist each student in bridging skills learned in one environment to various other environments including the local community.


Parent Student Handbook 2022-2023


Referral Process

Home schools are required to follow a Referral Procedure to ensure that they have done everything possible to program for the student. Keeping the student within his or her home school is the primary objective. This is considered the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). In certain circumstances some students may need supports and services beyond what can be provided in the home school environment. In these circumstances the school will make a referral to the Crossroads or Academy program.

A student’s educational team may request enrollment of a student into the program through the IEP process. There has to be a documented history of academic, social, or behavior difficulties as well as documented interventions that have either been unsuccessful or require resources beyond what the home school can provide. A student data sheet, a copy of special education eligibility, previous interventions or programming, and a written request for enrollment by the local school district’s Principal or Superintendent must be submitted to the LCSSU Assistant Director. The student and parent/guardian must visit the school program before the student can be enrolled. Final decision on enrollment is made at the IEP meeting once all of the requirements have been met.