Parent Guide to Special Education

Parent Guide –
Educational Rights and Responsibilities: Understanding Special Education in Illinois

This guide is written for parents of children who receive or are suspected of needing special education and related services, teachers, education administrators and professionals, and service providers. Special education and related services are supports and services provided to children with disabilities. Certain procedures must be followed to determine if a child is eligible to receive special education services. Those procedures are written in federal and state laws. Special education laws and procedures can be complicated. This guide explains the requirements in a way that relates to all groups—parents, school professionals, and others.
The Guide contains a wide variety of information about special education. Some information may be relevant to you now; other information might be helpful in the future. Whenever you refer to the guide, we hope you’ll find it of value in expanding your knowledge of special education. As your knowledge expands, we hope your ability to make decisions that improve your child’s academic outcomes increases.

To view and download the Parent Guide, follow the link.

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