Goals & Objectives


Kelly Barnes, Resource Link Care Coordinator, speaks about her role in connecting families with a medical provider.

1. Increase capacity of system of care

A. Increase workforce to meet needs
B. Increase skills of current personnel
C. Fill identified service gaps
D. Identify funding sources

2. Increase accessibility of services

A. Identify barriers to utilization
B. Decrease stigma barrier
C. Decrease financial barrier
D. Decrease transportation barrier
E. Increase awareness of services & how to access them

3. Increase coordination of services

A. Promote linkages to the medical home
B. Increase likelihood of successful transition from one setting/provider to another
C. Increase collaboration between providers serving same clients
D. Utilize data to evaluate process & outcomes

4. Decrease rates of risk behaviors and frequency & severity of mental disorders

A. Promote child & adolescent social- emotional skill development
B. Nurture protective factors (e.g., adult-child relationships & school engagement)
C. Identify and support at-risk children & adolescents