For Youth

If you or one of your friends is struggling, tell a grown up.  Some people you might talk to are: your parent, a relative, a friend’s parent, your teacher, a guidance counselor, a day care provider, a neighbor, someone from your church, or a coach.  If you are in a public school, there are school psychologists and social workers assigned to your school who will know how to help.  If the first person you tell doesn’t seem to know what to do, try telling others.  The adults in Livingston County want you to grow up happy and healthy.

Below are some websites that have helpful information…


Health and safety information for kids:

Healthy body and mind:

Healthy eating habits/nutrition:

Specific for girls:

Food safety and nutrition information:

Consumer product safety games for kids:

Flu prevention:


Bike safety:

Wearing a bike helmet:

Home safety (K-3):

Family topics (grades 4-8) sibling rivalry, home alone, divorce, step-families:

Computer safety:

Fire safety:

Social/Emotional health (grades 2-6):

Social/Emotional health (grades 4-8; depression, death, dealing with anger):

Bullying support:

Handling Bullying:

Cyber bullying:

Crime prevention:

Battling stress:

School-related topics (grade 4-8) (time management, cheating, preparing for high school):


Bullying support:

Cyber bullying:

LGBT bullying:

LGBT support:

Underage drinking facts and info for teens:

Nutrition and body image:

Sexual health: